New EEA Report: Environmental trends and perspectives in the Western Balkans: future production and consumption patterns

The European Environment Agency issued a new report this week: „Environmental trends and perspectives in the Western Balkans: future production and consumption patterns.“  This report provides coverage of the forces influencing changes in the environment in Western Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia (as well as the territory of Kosovo under UN Security Council Resolution 1244/99) and is an excellent source of reference for policy makers, sustainability professionals, researchers or members of the general public with an interest in the environment in general, and in the environment of the Balkan States in particular.

The report begins with an analysis of current trends and social, economic and political drivers that are influencing consuptiom and production patterns – and highlights the role of those patterns in shaping the future of the environment in the region.  The report looks to the future, as well, since addressing environmental issues in a sustainable manner requires forward-looking actions from key stakeholders in the region.

The Western Balkan countries are rapidly evolving in terms of their societies, economies and the impact of those economies on the environment.  This report provides an ideal frame of reference for understanding the current situation, potential future problems and how those problems may be addressed through sustainable management of the environment.

We highly recommend this report to our readers.  Due to its large file size, the report is not available in a single file.  You may read the report in a series of PDF files hosted on the EEA website by using the links below.  Please note that this report is not covered by the Open Access or Creative Commons provisions applying to the rest of the content highlighted on this site, please observe the copyright provisions described on the inside cover page in the introduction to this report when using data in research.

Citation: EEA Report No 1/2010, Environmental trends and perspectives in the Western Balkans: future production and consumption patternsLuxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Union, 2010, ISBN 978-92-9213-091-6, ISSN 1725-9177, DOI 10.2800/39288


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