Procedure for the Design of a Hybrid-Series Vehicle and the Hybridization Degree Choice

[tweetmeme For years, the interest of the UDR1 research group has focused on the development of a Hybrid Series (HS) vehicle, different from the standard one thanks to the use of a Gas Turbine set (GT) as a thermal engine. The reason for this choice resides in the opportunity to reduce weight and dimensions, in comparison to a traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). It is not possible to use the GT engine set directly for the vehicle traction, therefore the UDR1 HS configuration shows the GT set connected with the electric generator only. The result is that the traction is purely electric. The resulting engine configuration is a commonly defined Hybrid Series. Many efforts are spent in the definition of a generic scientific method to define the correct ratio (Degree of Hybridization) between the installed power of the battery pack and that of the GT electric generator, which simultaneously guarantees the life of the battery pack and the capacity of the vehicle to complete a common mission without lack of energy or stopping. This article reports a method to define the power ratio between battery pack and GT generator, applied to a recent commission for the development of a mini city bus.

Nowadays, the urban pollution from ICE-powered vehicles has led legislators to actively support the adoption of the so-called “zero pollution vehicles”. In this respect, electric vehicles (EV) appear to be a reasonable short-term solution to the problems posed by mass urban mobility. Unfortunately, Evs have a rather limited operational range (low mileage between battery charges), and this restricts their possible mission. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are designed to combine the advantages of electric vehicles with those of conventional vehicles. HEVs have two on-board power sources: typically, a battery pack coupled with a thermal engine. The simultaneous presence of an electric motor/generator and of a battery pack has paved the way to the practical implementation of systems capable of partially recovering the energy otherwise dissipated during braking (Kinetic Energy Recovery System, KERS) that substantially reduce fuel consumption, especially in those missions with frequent “stop-and-go” maneuvers. Currently, there are different applicative solutions, and the University of Roma 1 (UDR1) research group adopts the “Hybrid Series” (HS), where the traction is solely electric and the power produced by the thermal engine is used only to recharge the battery pack. The advantage of the series configuration is higher fuel mileage and lower emissions, due to the possibility of limiting the operation of the internal combustion engine to its peak efficiency range and to the reduced engine weight. The UDR1 Research group at the Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering of the University of Rome “Sapienza” proposes a new concept of hybrid vehicle, in which the thermal engine is a suitable optimized gas turbine set. This paper reports our proposed general procedure for the preliminary design and sizing of an HS engine applied to the hybridization of a seven ton city bus.

Read the full article in PDF format by clicking here.

Citation: Capata, R.; Coccia, A. Procedure for the Design of a Hybrid-Series Vehicle and the Hybridization Degree Choice. Energies 2010, 3, 450-461.

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