News: Committee of Regions Opinion on Sustainable Forestry in EU

On 29th May 2010 the EU Official Journal published the EU Committee of Regions’ issued own-initiative opinion on forest policy: the 20/20/20 targets.  In this Opinion, the Committee:

–          welcomes a series of EU activities and political initiatives obliging the Member States to bring their national forestry policies into line with EU objectives;

–          highlights that the forestry and timber sector offers significant potential for achieving the EU’s 2020 targets and believes that the possible use of ETS-revenues for supporting initiatives in this field should be further explored;

–          stresses the importance of promoting multifunctional forestry;

–          welcomes the EU initiatives to curb deforestation and forest degradation; draws attention to the fact that brushwood and foliage, which contain almost 90 % of the trace elements taken up by plants during the process of assimilation and building of wood mass, represent a proportion of the biomass harvested in the EU. This could result in soil depletion;

–          fully endorses all incentives to use timber and other forestry products derived from sustainably managed forests. This applies particularly to energy and raw materials; urges that consideration be given at the various decision-making levels to setting a date for the introduction of compulsory certification across the EU;

–          recommends supporting regions which introduce sustainable forestry policies to mitigate climate change: incentives for businesses in the form of tax breaks, innovation subsidies, preferential contracts for the sale of forestry produce, technical and technological assistance and environmental protection subsidies.

In addition to sustainable forestry practices, this Opinion highlights the use of forest derived biomass for energy generation and puts forth a series of recommended action for the coming years in enacting sustainable forestry in the EU Member States.

Read the full opinion here in PDF format.


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