European green cars initiative – Towards an electric future?

[tweetmeme The Green Cars Initiative encompasses more than just technological research, and includes other types of measures, such as innovation and new incentives to support cleaner road transportation. The topics covered in the publication deal exclusively with the research and development aspects, focussing on the three major research areas that are critical for success: the electrification of road and urban transport systems, road haulage and logistics. The aim of the publication is to give you an appreciation of the current state of art and to explain how the European Green Cars Initiative will support further economic activity, preparing the future for a sustainable and clean transport system, ensuring European Leadership of automotive industry worldwide.

The European Green Cars Initiative is part of the EU’s Economic Recovery Plan and of the Europe 2020 Strategy for a successful and sustainable social market economy. It is an example of action needed today in order to build towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

It combines short-term measures to overcome the economic crisis with a longer-term perspective aimed at providing a lasting economic boost, tackling climate change, meeting energy targets and producing important societal benefits.

One major contributor will bethe development of transport electrification technologies, for which coordinated European research has high potential added value. By 2020, up to 20% of the European new cars market could be electric or hybrid, leading to significant CO2 emissions reduction. The Initiative also supports shorter-term research developments in road haulage, responsible for 50% of road transport CO2 emissions, and in logistics.

Stakeholders need to get behind the Initiative: car and truck manufacturers, equipment suppliers, logistics operators and research centres. Together with the Commission and the Member States they will have a key role in defining research objectives and establishing industrial targets. The Initiative will be based on a broad spectrum of generic research, including nanotechnologies, new materials, and digital electronic and transport technologies.

The European Green Cars Initiative is one of the first tangible illustrations of the changes the Europe 2020 vision will bring to the way research is carried out.

Read the full publication here in PDF format.

Citation: European green cars initiative – Towards an electric future?, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2010, ISBN 978-92-79-12614-7, doi:10.2777/33255

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