Simulation Prototyping of an Experimental Solar House


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Anna Osborne, Stuart Baur, and Katie Grantham of the Missouri University of Science and Technology have published a new paper titled „Simulation Prototyping of an Experimental Solar House.“  This interesting paper presents a comparative analysis between an energy simulation model and an actual solar home. The case study used was the Team Missouri’s 2009 Solar Decathlon entry. The home was evaluated using the predicted data developed with the use of Energy-10 Version 1.8. The software simulates the energy use performance of building strategies ranging from building envelope and system efficiency options. The performance data used was collected during the 2009 Solar Decathlon competition. Results comparing energy efficient strategies, consumption and generation are explored with future implications discussed.

The introduction to this paper reads:

The use of energy simulation software has increased significantly in the past ten years as consumers, engineers, and architects become more interested in applying energy conservation and efficiency techniques. With the advances in energy simulation programs numerous research studies have been looking at ways to better predict building energy performance through the use of computer generated models. Many different software packages exist such as Energy-10, EnergyPlus and Ecotect to perform this task, several of which have been developed within the (US) Department of Energy.

These simulations often target “energy retrofits”, focusing on decreasing or offsetting the overall energy use of a building by implementing more efficient equipment, improving the building envelope, and optimizing operating conditions.

There is a biennial competition that challenges colleges and universities from around the world to create energy-efficient residential homes. The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon joins 20 international, collegiate teams in a competition to design, build, and operate the most attractive and energy-efficient solar-powered house. This competition includes both objective and subjective contests. Students from Missouri University of Science and Technology have participated in this prestigious competition since its conception, producing homes that have ranked well overall. However, there has been little comparison between the solar houses predicted performance and competition performance in order to improve future designs.

Read the full paper here in PDF format.

Citation: Osborne, Anna; Baur, Stuart; Grantham, Katie. 2010. “Simulation Prototyping of an Experimental Solar House.” Energies 3, no. 6: 1251-1262.

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