Call for better protection of the health of plants in Europe – on the road to the EU Plant Health Law


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Brussels, 27 July 2010.  The European Commission published today an evaluation study of the Common Plant Health Regime (CPHR) that will be the basis on which the regime will be reviewed. The Commission plans to adopt a new EU Plant Health law in 2012. The CPHR, which dates back to 1977, protects the EU territory against the entry and spread of plant pests and diseases. As a consequence of globalisation and climate change, such harmful organisms have been having a sharply increasing impact on agriculture, forests, the landscape and the environment. The comprehensive review of the CPHR aims to provide improved protection and enhance prevention. In 2009, the Commission launched the evaluation of the regime and the ensuing report, written by the Food Evaluation Chain Consortium, confirms that a review is necessary.

The report highlights that the revised EU Plant Health Law should include better prevention provisions concerning plant imports and plant products, improved surveillance and contingency planning for harmful organisms in the Member States, and faster emergency action. The report identifies that the plant passport system for intra-EU movements of plants and plant products needs to be better harmonised and underlines that modernisation of the regime will require prioritisation and risk targeting. It recommends a higher level of EU financial solidarity as concerns Member State action and losses of growers.

The findings of the evaluation report will be discussed during a key conference on September 28, 2010, which will be an event jointly organised by the Commission and the Belgian Presidency of the EU. For more information on the review of the CHPR and the September conference, please see:

Citation:  EXME 10 / 27.07 of the European Commission

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