Energy Resources in the Future

[tweetmeme] Ken Tomabechi, Former Research Advisor, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industries, has published his viewpoint on the importance of sustainable and viable approaches to meeting the future energy needs of our ever growing population.  In abstract: Recent statistics indicate that in 2005 the world consumed about 0.5 ZJ (ZJ = 1021 Joules) of … Continue reading

Coastal and Offshore Wind Energy Generation: Is It Environmentally Benign?

[tweetmeme] Jennifer C. Wilson, Mike Elliott, Nick D. Cutts (University of Hull ) and the co-authors listed in the citation have published a new paper analyzing the environmental benefits (and risks) associated with coastal and off-shore wind energy generation.  The abstract to this paper: Offshore and coastal wind power is one of the fastest growing … Continue reading

A Review on Concepts, Applications, and Models of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Systems

A Water and Marine Sustainability Month Feature Article [tweetmeme] Kun Sang Lee  of the Department of Environmental and Energy Systems Engineering, Kyonggi University has published a useful technical paper on the concepts, applications, and models of aquifer thermal energy storage systems.  The abstract to this paper: Being a heat source or sink, aquifers have been … Continue reading

News: EU tackles hard coal mining industry problems. An end to subsidies at last?

[tweetmeme Brussels, 20 July 2010.  The European Commission has approved a proposal for a Council Regulation on State aid to facilitate the closure of loss-making hard coal mines in the EU by 15 October 2014. Any further operating aid to the sector will be conditional on the presentation of a closure plan for the … Continue reading

News: EU endorses €17 million aid to Solibro for solar modules plant in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany

[tweetmeme The European Commission has authorised €17 million of regional investment aid for the German company Solibro GmbH for the production of solar modules in Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Sachsen-Anhalt), Germany. The project involves an investment of €142 million and is expected to create at least 260 new jobs in the region. Germany limited the aid amount … Continue reading

News: €8.5 million EU aid for solar wafer production in Spain

[tweetmeme Brussels, 20 July 2010. The European Commission has authorised €8.5 million of regional investment aid to the Spanish company Silicio Solar SAU for the production of solar wafers in Puertollano, Ciudad Real (Castilla-La–Mancha). The project involves investments of €219 million for the construction of a new plant next to an already existing one. … Continue reading

News: EU adopts ITER fusion plant financing proposal

[tweetmeme Brussels, 20th July 2010.  The Commission has adopted a proposal for funding the construction of the fusion demonstration reactor ITER. This proposal responds to the conclusions of the Council of 12 July 2010 and aims to secure the financing of this international project as it goes forward. The Commission proposes redeployment of €100 … Continue reading

Radioactivity in Oily Sludge and Produced Waste Water from Oil: Environmental Concerns and Potential Remedial Measures

[tweetmeme] Avin E. Pillay (Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi), Fadhil M. Salih (Sultan Qaboos University) and Muthana I. Maleek (College of Science, University of Wasit) have completed a paper on a rarely focused on environmental impact of oil production – radioactive sludge contamination.  The abstract to their paper is: Produced water separated from oil is usually … Continue reading

Energy Recovery from Wastewater Treatment Plants in the United States: A Case Study

A Water and Marine Sustainability Month Feature Article [tweetmeme] Ashlynn S. Stillwell (University of Texas at Austin ), David C. Hoppock (Duke University) and Michael E. Webber (University of Texas at Austin) have published a paper highlighting the potential for energy recovery from wastewater treatment plants through the optimization of collection and use of biosolids … Continue reading

Co-Fuelling of Peat with Meat and Bone Meal in a Pilot Scale Bubbling Bed Reactor

[tweetmeme] Kevin McDonnell, Enda J. Cummins, Colette C. Fagan (Biosystems Engineering, Bioresources Research Centre, UCD School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine, Belfield, University College Dublin), and Markku Orjala (VTT Bioenergy, Finland) have published an article titled “Co-Fuelling of Peat with Meat and Bone Meal in a Pilot Scale Bubbling Bed Reactor” in which … Continue reading

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