Losing the Forest for the Trees: Environmental Reductionism in the Law

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com]  Klaus Bosselmann of the New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law (University of Auckland), has published a new and interesting paper titled „Losing the Forest for the Trees: Environmental Reductionism in the Law.“  In this paper, he addresses the situation that environmental laws and policies have saved some “trees”, but the “forest” is being lost … Continue reading

Grassland Governance and Common-Interest Communities

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com] Anthony B. Schutz of the University of Nebraska College of Law has completed and published an excellent analysis of the application of private property law in engaging in environmentally sustainable business by landholders on the US Great Plains.  The abstract to Anthony’s excellent article reads: In the United States, today’s ranches are engaging in … Continue reading

Common Implementation Strategy for the Water Framework Directive – River basin management in a changing climate

A Water and Marine Sustainability Month Feature Article [tweetmeme: http://www.URL.com%5D A recent technical report, highlighted as part of our Water and Marine Sustainability Month series of articles, focuses on sustainable river management and water security through the implementation of the Water Framework Directive.  The introduction to this publication reads: European freshwaters, transitional and marine waters … Continue reading

Wildlife trade regulations in the European Union

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com] A recent publication from the EU highlights steps being taken to regulate trade in wildlife to ensure not only the protection of the environment and sustainable management of wildlife resources, but also consumer safety.  The introduction to this good overview reads: As one of the most important consumer markets of wild animals and plants, … Continue reading

Drought, Sustainability, and the Law

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com]  Robert W. Adler of the .J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah, recently published an excellent article on „Drought, Sustainability, and the Law.“  This article is part of our Water Sustainability Month feature articles.  The introduction to this article reads: Drought has plagued human societies for millennia, sometimes causing serious economic impacts and … Continue reading

News: Europarliament calls for biowaste directive and mandatory separate collection

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com] Strasbourg, 6th July 2010.  The EU needs a specific bio-waste directive, as this could generate major economic and environmental benefits, the European Parliament believes. Compulsory separate collection and recycling of bio-waste should be a central plank of the legislation, say MEPs in a resolution adopted on Tuesday. Every year, between 118 and 138 million … Continue reading

News: EU organic food labelling rules come into force 1st July

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com%5D Brussels, 30 June 2010.  New EU rules on organic food labelling including the requirement to display the new EU organic logo, enter into force on 1 July, 2010. The so-called “Euro-Leaf” will now be obligatory on pre-packaged organic food products that have been produced in any of EU Member States and meet the … Continue reading

YOUR opinion needed: Public Consultation on Environmental Impact Assessment Directive

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com%5D Our readers are invited to voice their opinions on a public consultation on the Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive (Directive 85/337/EEC on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment, as amended) This Consultation is open to all EU citizens, stakeholders and organisations involved … Continue reading

News: Legislation speeds up implementation of EU actions to achieve sustainable use of pesticides

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com%5D Today the European Union published a corrigendum to Directive 2009/128/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 October 2009 establishing a framework for Community action to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides, bringing the implementation deadlines for aspects of this directive forward by a number of months. This important Directive establishes … Continue reading

News: 20 EU countries not implementing energy single market properly

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com%5D Brussels, 24 June 2010.  The European Commission has decided to send 35 separate requests to 20 Member States to implement and apply in full various aspects of EU legislation to create a Single Market for gas and electricity. These rules aim at increasing the capacity and transparency of gas and electricity markets. A properly … Continue reading

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