GMO risk assessment for human and animal health and the environment

[tweetmeme]  The European Food Safety Authority has released an interesting in-depth 200 page assessment titled “EFSA and GMO risk assessment for human and animal health and the environment.”  It provides information that was covered in the last EFSA conference on genetically modified organisms as food sources.  The report itself includes all conference materials, including texts … Continue reading

European Capacity for Monitoring and Assimilating Space-based Climate Change Observations – Status and Prospects

[tweetmeme] The European Union’s Joint Research Centre has published a technical report titled „European Capacity for Monitoring and Assimilating Space-based Climate Change Observations – Status and Prospects.“  This report, which is based on the findings of a workshop at Ispra, provides the scientific background to a forthcoming Commission response to the Space and Competitiveness councils … Continue reading

Common Implementation Strategy for the Water Framework Directive – River basin management in a changing climate

A Water and Marine Sustainability Month Feature Article [tweetmeme: A recent technical report, highlighted as part of our Water and Marine Sustainability Month series of articles, focuses on sustainable river management and water security through the implementation of the Water Framework Directive.  The introduction to this publication reads: European freshwaters, transitional and marine waters … Continue reading

Wildlife trade regulations in the European Union

[tweetmeme] A recent publication from the EU highlights steps being taken to regulate trade in wildlife to ensure not only the protection of the environment and sustainable management of wildlife resources, but also consumer safety.  The introduction to this good overview reads: As one of the most important consumer markets of wild animals and plants, … Continue reading

The case of innovation and the forest sector in Europe – Policy integration and coordination

[tweetmeme] As part of the COST 51 action, the EU has published a new ebook titled “Policy integration and coordination – The case of innovation and the forest sector in Europe,” which focuses on sustainable development of forest resources across seven policy fields in the European Union. The executive summary reads: The book “Policy Integration … Continue reading

Eco-toxicity: Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

[tweetmeme The European Environment agency has addressed the often overlooked eco-toxicity of pharmaceutical products in the environment in a new publication “Pharmaceuticals in the environment – Results of an EEA workshop.”  In this document, the EEA advocates a life-cycle approach, which means looking at pre‑production issues (including raw materials and energy), secondary manufacturing, and the … Continue reading

Ethics of modern developments in agricultural technologies

[tweetmeme The European group on ethics in science and new technologies published an Opinion on Ethics of modern developments in agricultural technologies, in which they address current trends in agriculture in terms of the sustainable use of resources, ensuring food security and ethical design of agriculatural policies.  The scope of this Opinion reads: Food security, … Continue reading

Eurostat/EEA: energy, transport and environment indicators

[tweetmeme The multi-thematic pocketbook Energy, transport and environment indicators comprises a broad set of data collected by Eurostat and the European Environment Agency. The objective of this publication is to provide an overview of the most relevant indicators on energy, transport and environment, with particular focus on sustainable development. It presents data for the European … Continue reading

A sustainable future for transport – Towards an integrated, technology-led and user-friendly system

[tweetmeme The introduction to this excellent document by the European Commission reads: 1. In 2001, the Commission issued a White Paper (1) setting an agenda for the European transport policy throughout 2010. This programme was updated in the mid-term review of 2006. Approaching the end of the 10-year period, it is time to look … Continue reading

Briefing note: The future of mobility in the EU

[tweetmeme This briefing note examines the current debate on the future of mobility and traffic policy in Europe. It picks up on trends and challenges such as social differentiation, demographic change and cultural aspects, and looks at their significance for mobility and traffic from a socio-ecological perspective. In a second stage, current papers on the … Continue reading

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