EU Sustainability Policy

This page presents a compendium of information on how environmental issues are integrated into EU internal policies. Visitors are encouraged to visit EURLex for the full text of relevant legislation.

Integrating the environment into Community energy policy
The European Union is establishing a set of measures for further integration of environmental considerations in energy policy and is reviewing progress made so far. Details

Approaches to sustainable agriculture
The European Union sets out a strategic approach to integrating environmental concerns into agriculture, particularly in the context of the reform of the CAP. Details.

Strategy for integrating the environment into the single market
The European Union has established a set of measures and proposed guidelines aimed at developing the synergies between the single market and Community environmental policy. Details.

Industry and environment
The European Union has developed a strategy for integrating environmental issues into enterprise policy as well as measures aimed at limiting the negative impact businesses have on the environment, while at the same time not hampering their development. Details.

Promoting sustainable development in the non-energy extractive industry
The Commission sets out broad policy lines for promoting sustainable development in the EU non-energy extractive industry while reconciling the competitiveness of the industry with environmental protection. Details.

Integration of environmental requirements into the Common Fisheries Policy
To propose an action plan to integrate environmental protection requirements into the common fisheries policy (CFP) in order to promote sustainable development. Details.

Integration of the environment into economic policy
The European Union defines a Community strategy to integrate environmental issues into economic policy using various instruments such as market mechanisms, Member States’ annual reports and the Broad Economic Policy Guidelines. Details.

Internalisation of external transport costs
The internalisation of external costs forms part of a package of initiatives aimed at making transport more sustainable. It consists of including external transport costs (pollution, noise, congestion, etc.) in the price paid by the user, so as to encourage them to change their behaviour. Details.

Transport and the environment
The European strategy on transport and environment defines the objectives for integrating environmental requirements into transport policy. It provides guidelines for a range of measures in the various transport sectors: road, air, rail, maritime, etc. Details.

Integrating the environment into aerial transport
The Commission evaluates ways of improving the environmental performance of activities linked to air transport in order to offset the environmental impact of growth in this sector. Details.

Green public procurement
The Commission wishes to encourage green public procurement which is an effective instrument in promoting environmentally-friendly products and services and in encouraging eco-innovation, thus contributing to sustainable development. Details.

Citation:  Information is sourced from the official site of the European Commission: EUROPA Summaries of EU legislationEnvironmentSustainable development

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