Energy Resources in the Future

[tweetmeme] Ken Tomabechi, Former Research Advisor, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industries, has published his viewpoint on the importance of sustainable and viable approaches to meeting the future energy needs of our ever growing population.  In abstract: Recent statistics indicate that in 2005 the world consumed about 0.5 ZJ (ZJ = 1021 Joules) of … Continue reading

A Multi-Agent Planning Support-System for Assessing Externalities of Urban Form Scenarios: Results of Case Studies

[tweetmeme] Rachel Katoshevski-Cavari (Urban Planning, Israel), Theo Arentze and Harry Timmermans (Technical University Eindhoven) have published a new paper presenting an excellent analysis of four urban planning scenarios, based on case-studies.  The abstract: The relationship between various planning-ideas and sustainability is described, using a dedicated multi-agent model and demonstrated by a case study. The analysis … Continue reading

Out of the Rubble and Towards a Sustainable Future: The “Greening” of Greensburg, Kansas

[tweetmeme] Stacey Swearingen White of the Urban Planning Department, University of Kansas has published a new article titled “Out of the Rubble and Towards a Sustainable Future: The “Greening” of Greensburg, Kansas” in which she focuses on the rebuilding of a storm devastated community using sustainable urban development principles.  The introduction to Stacey’s work reads: … Continue reading

News: EU approves €250 million funding for new environmental protection projects under LIFE+

[tweetmeme] Brussels, 23 July 2010.  The European Commission has approved funding for 210 new projects under the third call for the LIFE+ programme (2007-2013), the European fund for the environment. The projects are from across the EU and cover actions in the fields of nature conservation, environmental policy, and information and communication. Overall, they represent … Continue reading

Coastal and Offshore Wind Energy Generation: Is It Environmentally Benign?

[tweetmeme] Jennifer C. Wilson, Mike Elliott, Nick D. Cutts (University of Hull ) and the co-authors listed in the citation have published a new paper analyzing the environmental benefits (and risks) associated with coastal and off-shore wind energy generation.  The abstract to this paper: Offshore and coastal wind power is one of the fastest growing … Continue reading

Grassland Governance and Common-Interest Communities

[tweetmeme] Anthony B. Schutz of the University of Nebraska College of Law has completed and published an excellent analysis of the application of private property law in engaging in environmentally sustainable business by landholders on the US Great Plains.  The abstract to Anthony’s excellent article reads: In the United States, today’s ranches are engaging in … Continue reading

Climate Change and Mortality in Vienna—A Human Biometeorological Analysis Based on Regional Climate Modeling

[tweetmeme] Stefan Muthers, Andreas Matzarakis (Meteorological Institute, University of Freiburg)  and Elisabeth Koch (Austrian Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics) have published a new paper titled “Climate Change and Mortality in Vienna—A Human Biometeorological Analysis Based on Regional Climate Modeling.”  The abstract to this paper:  The potential development of heat-related mortality in the 21th century … Continue reading

A Review on Concepts, Applications, and Models of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Systems

A Water and Marine Sustainability Month Feature Article [tweetmeme] Kun Sang Lee  of the Department of Environmental and Energy Systems Engineering, Kyonggi University has published a useful technical paper on the concepts, applications, and models of aquifer thermal energy storage systems.  The abstract to this paper: Being a heat source or sink, aquifers have been … Continue reading

Inadequately Treated Wastewater as a Source of Human Enteric Viruses in the Environment

A Water and Marine Sustainability Month Feature Article [tweetmeme] Anthony I. Okoh, Thulani Sibanda  and Siyabulela S. Gusha (Applied and Environmental Microbiology Research Group (AEMREG), Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, University of Fort Hare) have published a paper titled “Inadequately Treated Wastewater as a Source of Human Enteric Viruses in the Environment”, the summary of … Continue reading

Recent Widespread Tree Growth Decline Despite Increasing Atmospheric CO2

[tweetmeme] An often discussed theory has been that increasing atmospheric levels of CO2 should stimulate higher growth levels in plants.  However, this has not proven true.  Lucas C. R. Silva, Madhur Anand, and Mark D. Leithead (Global Ecological Change Laboratory, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph) have published an article titled „Recent Widespread Tree … Continue reading

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