Adaptation to Impacts of Climate Change on Aeroallergens and Allergic Respiratory Diseases

[tweetmeme]   Paul J. Beggs (Macquarie University) has just published a new paper which looks at the impacts of climate change on allergic respiratory diseases.  Climate change has the potential to have many significant impacts on aeroallergens such as pollen and mould spores, and therefore related diseases such as asthma and allergic rhinitis. This paper … Continue reading

Climate Change and Mortality in Vienna—A Human Biometeorological Analysis Based on Regional Climate Modeling

[tweetmeme] Stefan Muthers, Andreas Matzarakis (Meteorological Institute, University of Freiburg)  and Elisabeth Koch (Austrian Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics) have published a new paper titled “Climate Change and Mortality in Vienna—A Human Biometeorological Analysis Based on Regional Climate Modeling.”  The abstract to this paper:  The potential development of heat-related mortality in the 21th century … Continue reading

Recent Widespread Tree Growth Decline Despite Increasing Atmospheric CO2

[tweetmeme] An often discussed theory has been that increasing atmospheric levels of CO2 should stimulate higher growth levels in plants.  However, this has not proven true.  Lucas C. R. Silva, Madhur Anand, and Mark D. Leithead (Global Ecological Change Laboratory, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph) have published an article titled „Recent Widespread Tree … Continue reading

Bio-Energy Retains Its Mitigation Potential Under Elevated CO2

[tweetmeme]   Marion Liberloo (University of Antwerp), and co-authors mentioned below in the citation, have issued a paper titled „Bio-Energy Retains Its Mitigation Potential Under Elevated CO2.“  The abstract to this good analytical paper reads: If biofuels are to be a viable substitute for fossil fuels, it is essential that they retain their potential to mitigate … Continue reading

Direct and Indirect Effects of Climate Change on a Prairie Plant Community

[tweetmeme] Peter B. Adler(Utah State University), James Leiker(Kansas State University), and Jonathan M. Levine (University of California) have published a paper titled „Direct and Indirect Effects of Climate Change on a Prarie Plant Community.“  The abstract to their paper reads: Climate change directly affects species by altering their physical environment and indirectly affects species by … Continue reading

Hydrologic Response and Watershed Sensitivity to Climate Warming in California’s Sierra Nevada

A Water and Marine Sustainability Month Feature Article [tweetmeme Sarah E. Null, Joshua H. Viers, Jeffrey F. Mount (University of California Davis) recently published an interesting analytical paper on watersheds in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.  The abstract to their work: This study focuses on the differential hydrologic response of individual watersheds to climate warming … Continue reading

Impact of Climate Change on Ambient Ozone Level and Mortality in Southeastern United States

[tweetmeme]  Howard H. Chang (Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute), Jingwen Zhou and Montserrat Fuentes (both from the Statistics Department, North Carolina State University) have published an article titled “Impact of Climate Change on Ambient Ozone Level and Mortality in Southeastern United States.”  In this interesting read they focus on the growing interest in quantifying … Continue reading

News: Europe launches major research effort to ensure food security in the face of climate change

[tweetmeme Brussels, 10th June 2010.  Twelve top scientists will meet in Paris today to prepare a European–level work programme to coordinate nationally funded research aimed at securing a safe and sustainable food supply. This is the first meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board for the EU Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) on Agriculture, Food Security and … Continue reading

New EEA Report – Annual EU greenhouse gas inventory

[tweetmeme The European Environment Agency has just issued the annual EU greenhouse gas inventory report, which is the official submission to the UNFCCC Secretariate on Europe’s performance in greenhouse gas reduction.  From the executive summary of this report: The European Union (EU), as a party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), … Continue reading

Shifting Global Invasive Potential of European Plants with Climate Change

Global climate change and invasions by nonnative species rank among the top concerns for agents of biological loss in coming decades. Although each of these themes has seen considerable attention in the modeling and forecasting communities, their joint effects remain little explored and poorly understood. We developed ecological niche models for 1804 species from the … Continue reading

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