Call for better protection of the health of plants in Europe – on the road to the EU Plant Health Law

[tweetmeme] Brussels, 27 July 2010.  The European Commission published today an evaluation study of the Common Plant Health Regime (CPHR) that will be the basis on which the regime will be reviewed. The Commission plans to adopt a new EU Plant Health law in 2012. The CPHR, which dates back to 1977, protects the EU … Continue reading

Natural Resources Management: Life Cycle Assessment and Forest Certification and Sustainability Issues

[tweetmeme] Thomas J. Straka and Patricia A. Layton of the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Clemson University have recently published a good paper focusing on sustainable forestry issues, the abstract of which is: Forest sustainability and forest certification are important natural resource management and environmental issues. Forest certification addresses the social and environmental issues … Continue reading

The case of innovation and the forest sector in Europe – Policy integration and coordination

[tweetmeme] As part of the COST 51 action, the EU has published a new ebook titled “Policy integration and coordination – The case of innovation and the forest sector in Europe,” which focuses on sustainable development of forest resources across seven policy fields in the European Union. The executive summary reads: The book “Policy Integration … Continue reading

Good practice guidance on the sustainable mobilisation of wood in Europe

[tweetmeme This book aims to give clear, concise and operational guidance for sustainable mobilisation of wood in Europe. It gives concrete measures and it refers to good practice examples of successful and sustainable mobilisation of wood. It is a useful tool to assist policy-makers and practitioners alike in taking and supporting similar measures. The … Continue reading

Ecosystem Carbon Stock Influenced by Plantation Practice: Implications for Planting Forests as a Measure of Climate Change Mitigation

Uncertainties remain in the potential of forest plantations to sequestrate carbon (C). We synthesized 86 experimental studies with paired-site design, using a meta-analysis approach, to quantify the differences in ecosystem C pools between plantations and their corresponding adjacent primary and secondary forests (natural forests). Totaled ecosystem C stock in plant and soil pools was 284 … Continue reading

News: Committee of Regions Opinion on Sustainable Forestry in EU

On 29th May 2010 the EU Official Journal published the EU Committee of Regions’ issued own-initiative opinion on forest policy: the 20/20/20 targets.  In this Opinion, the Committee: –          welcomes a series of EU activities and political initiatives obliging the Member States to bring their national forestry policies into line with EU objectives; –          highlights … Continue reading

Examining the Compatibility between Forestry Incentive Programs in the US and the Practice of Sustainable Forest Management

Forestry faces the curious situation that management approaches come and go much more frequently than the underlying production period. Although it takes decades to grow a stand of sawtimber to maturity, the notion of what represents the best science or the most socially appropriate management changes much more rapidly. As a result, a stand may … Continue reading

Innovation and sustainability in forestry policy in the EU

A recent publication by the EC addresses how current forestry policies in the European Union are integrating both innovation and sustainable forestry into a unified approach to the development of the forestry sector. This free 218 page book presents the main outcomes from the policy level by analysing the seven policy fields that have the … Continue reading

Co-Benefits of Sustainable Forest Management in Biodiversity Conservation and Carbon Sequestration

Abstract: Sustainable forest management (SFM), which has been recently introduced to tropical natural production forests, is beneficial in maintaining timber resources, but information about the co-benefits for biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration is currently lacking. Methodology/Principal Findings We estimated the diversity of medium to large-bodied forest-dwelling vertebrates using a heat-sensor camera trapping system and the … Continue reading

Public Consultation on EU Forest Protection Policy

Readers of this site are invited to submit their opinions online in a consultation on options for a European Union approach to forest protection and information in the framework of the EU Forest Action Plan. This green paper raises a series of questions relevant to developing options for future forest protection and information in the EU … Continue reading

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