GMO risk assessment for human and animal health and the environment

[tweetmeme]  The European Food Safety Authority has released an interesting in-depth 200 page assessment titled “EFSA and GMO risk assessment for human and animal health and the environment.”  It provides information that was covered in the last EFSA conference on genetically modified organisms as food sources.  The report itself includes all conference materials, including texts … Continue reading

News: EU authorises six GMO maize types for food / feed (Updated 29 July)

[tweetmeme] UPDATED:  With official texts of the decisions.  The European Commission adopted today five Decisions authorising GM maize 1507×59122, 59122x1507xNK603, MON88017xMON810, MON89034xNK603 and Bt11xGA21 and one Decision renewing the authorisation of Bt11 maize. These 6 decisions cover the authorisation for food and feed uses and import and processing but not for cultivation. The 6 GM … Continue reading

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