A Multi-Agent Planning Support-System for Assessing Externalities of Urban Form Scenarios: Results of Case Studies

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com] Rachel Katoshevski-Cavari (Urban Planning, Israel), Theo Arentze and Harry Timmermans (Technical University Eindhoven) have published a new paper presenting an excellent analysis of four urban planning scenarios, based on case-studies.  The abstract: The relationship between various planning-ideas and sustainability is described, using a dedicated multi-agent model and demonstrated by a case study. The analysis … Continue reading

Out of the Rubble and Towards a Sustainable Future: The “Greening” of Greensburg, Kansas

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com] Stacey Swearingen White of the Urban Planning Department, University of Kansas has published a new article titled “Out of the Rubble and Towards a Sustainable Future: The “Greening” of Greensburg, Kansas” in which she focuses on the rebuilding of a storm devastated community using sustainable urban development principles.  The introduction to Stacey’s work reads: … Continue reading

How Does Car Parking Availability and Public Transport Accessibility Influence Work-Related Travel Behaviors?

A Sustainable Transport Week focus article. [tweetmeme http://www.URL.com] Hannah M. Badland , Nick Garrett  and Grant M. Schofield of the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition, Auckland University of Technology, have published a recent paper titled „How Does Car Parking Availability and Public Transport Accessibility Influence Work-Related Travel Behaviors?“  This study investigated the relationships between car … Continue reading

Resource Allocation for Sustainable Urban Transit from a Transport Diversity Perspective

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com] A Sustainable Transport Week focus article. Cheng-Min Feng  and Cheng-Hsien Hsieh of the Institute of Traffic & Transportation, National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan) recently published a paper titled „Resource Allocation for Sustainable Urban Transit from a Transport Diversity Perspective.“  In this paper, they address the fact that different transport stakeholders have different needs for … Continue reading

Stockholm – “Green Capital Award” winning sustainable urban development

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com%5D Stockholm was awarded the first “Green Capital” award in Europe.  It’s efforts in sustainable urban development and environmental protection are overviewed in a new publication from the EU titled “Stockholm European Green Capital 2010.”  An extract of the foreword to this publication reads: At a time when many of the world’s great cities are … Continue reading

News: EU requests Portugal to ensure coastal developments comply with habitat protection rules

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com%5D Brussels, 24 June 2010. The European Commission is requesting Portugal to ensure that coastal developments in sensitive natural areas are fully compliant with EU environmental protection law. The Commission is concerned that planning permission has been granted for two substantial developments in protected natural areas in the Alcácer/Grândola districts in the north of Alentejo, … Continue reading

How to develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan – Guidebook

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com%5D The EU has issued a guidebook to help municipalities and other stakeholder develop sustainable energy action plans.  The introduction to this excellent publication reads: The European Union is leading the global fight against climate change, and has made it its top priority. The EU committed itself to reducing its overall emissions to at least … Continue reading

New Energy Performance Legislation for Buildings published

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com%5D Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 May 2010 on the energy performance of buildings has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union and has entered into force. This Directive lays down requirements as regards: (a) the common general framework for a methodology for calculating … Continue reading

Residential Energy Performance Metrics

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com%5D Christopher Wright, Stuart Baur, Katie Grantham, Robert B. Stone and Scott E. Grasman have published an excellent new article titled „Residential Energy Performance Metrics.“  Techniques for residential energy monitoring are an emerging field that is currently drawing significant attention. This paper is a description of the current efforts to monitor and compare the performance … Continue reading

Promotion of cycling as sustainable transport

[tweetmeme http://www.URL.com%5D The present note aims to give an overview of the cycling problems and challenges by describing the policies of European cities to promote cycling. It presents a collection of best practices regarding road infrastructures and parking facilities, cyclists’ safety and security, and intermodality. It concludes by providing recommendations concerning the EU and local authorities. … Continue reading

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