News: Europarliament calls for biowaste directive and mandatory separate collection

[tweetmeme] Strasbourg, 6th July 2010.  The EU needs a specific bio-waste directive, as this could generate major economic and environmental benefits, the European Parliament believes. Compulsory separate collection and recycling of bio-waste should be a central plank of the legislation, say MEPs in a resolution adopted on Tuesday. Every year, between 118 and 138 million … Continue reading

News: European Parliament addressed electronic waste issues

[tweetmeme MEPs want better collection and treatment of the growing volumes of discarded fridges, phones and computers in the European Union. New collection targets should be based on actual waste generated, they insist. The Environment Committee voted at first reading on Tuesday on a proposed update to legislation on waste electronic and electrical equipment … Continue reading

E-Waste Recycling Systems and Sound Circulative Economies in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Systems in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan

[tweetmeme Soo-cheol Lee (Meijo University ) and Sung-in Na (Hiroshima Shudo University) have published a very good new paper on „E-Waste Recycling Systems and Sound Circulative Economies in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Systems in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan.“  The main purpose of this paper is to review and compare E-waste management … Continue reading

Diverting waste from landfill – Effectiveness of waste-management policies in the EU

Issued in 1999, the Landfill Directive was a milestone in EU waste policy. It marked a decisive shift from landfill towards the EU’s new waste hierarchy, which prioritises waste prevention, followed by re‑use, recycling and recovery, and seeks to avoid landfilling wherever feasible. The rationale was clear: besides concerns about landfill capacity in some countries, … Continue reading

Domestic Separation and Collection of Municipal Solid Waste: Opinion and Awareness of Citizens and Workers

A recently published excellent article by Giovanni De Feo and Sabino De Gisi of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Salerno, analyses and compares the opinions and awareness of citizens and kerbside collection workers on domestic waste separation and how those opinions affect the waste management lifecycle. This analysis provides valuable insight to policy … Continue reading

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